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Cabinet Mountains

Cabinet Mountain

Instructional Design & eLearning


My name is Melissa Garrett.

Welcome to my portfolio, where I showcase my passion as an instructional designer.


My goal is to transform complex content into easily digestible and engaging learning experiences.

You will discover a diverse collection of my work, including design documents, storyboards, eLearning modules, supplementary materials, and more.

I am excited about the possibility of collaborating with you. If you wish to connect, please feel free to reach out to me via email or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Why Do You Need An Instructional Designer?

An instructional designer can greatly benefit your business by creating customized and engaging training programs that align with your specific needs and objectives. They employ effective instructional strategies, interactive content, and new technologies to improve learning outcomes and increase employee engagement. With standardized training and continuous improvement efforts, instructional designers ensure cost and time efficiency while enhancing product and service knowledge. Investing in an instructional designer shows your commitment to employee growth and development, leading to higher satisfaction, improved performance, and a more competitive and successful business overall.

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