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eLearning Development

How to Belay a
Rock Climber

Problem: New employees of 1st Ascent Climbing & Fitness lack the necessary foundational knowledge and understanding of belaying. This knowledge gap creates potential risks and leads to inconsistent practices while belaying.

Solution: 1st Ascent partnered with Melissa to introduce a preparatory eLearning course focused on equipping employees with the essential background knowledge and skills needed before completing on the job belay training. 

Tools: Articulate Rise 360

A Guide to
Nurturing Indoor Tropical Plants

Problem: Northwest Tropicana's employees with less than one year of experience in tropical plant care lack guidance and proficiency in providing adequate lighting, watering, humidity, and repotting techniques for tropical plants. This knowledge gap can lead to suboptimal plant care and misinformation given to customers.

Solution: Northwest Tropicana employees with less than one year of experience in tropical plant care will be required to take this training. The course equips them with the necessary knowledge needed to better cater to customer needs, provide optimal care for tropical plants, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.

Tools: Articulate Storyline 360, Canva, WellSaid Labs


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Stress Management

Discover effective techniques to take control of your stress and handle challenging situations with confidence. This video guide is designed for anyone seeking to manage stress better. Learn about the power of mindfulness, explore effective coping strategies, and master the art of deep breathing.

Tools: Vyond

Creating a New Membership in Wellyx

Discover the effortless process of creating new memberships for 1st Ascent Climbing & Fitness employees using the Wellyx software in this step-by-step video tutorial.

Tools: Camtasia

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