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Logo Creations

Cabinet Mountain Instructional Design 
& eLearning

I created a logo for my own business that represents the name Cabinet Mountain Instructional Design & eLearning. The inspiration of the beautiful Cabinet Mountains in Libby, Montana inspired me to choose my business name and create this logo.


Tools: Canva


As a new business in Libby, Montana, the owner of MNTNCAT Massage requested a "classic and simple logo that complements the name MNTNCAT Massage."

Tools: Canva

Northwest Tropicana

This logo showcases a design created for a fictional business called Northwest Tropicana. The logo serves as a visual representation of the eLearning sample I created and demonstrates my ability to create compelling and relevant branding elements.

Tools: Canva

Champions Corner

As a new business in Libby, Montana, the owner of Champions Corner asked me to create a logo for his boxing and muay thai business. He asked for a circular logo with cobalt blue, black and white branding.

Tools: Canva

Logo for Wix.png
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